Friday, 31 December 2010

What is Biestmilch.....??? Natural immunity...

One of my biggest changes in the run up to Kona this year was the introduction of Biestmilch into my daily routine. I was conscious that in the run up to early October many of my friends were coming down with coughs, colds and flu.... This was no good!! And to be honest I was fearful of coming down with something myself and worried how this could affect my training and ultimately my race.

I've always adopted a prophecy that I will try my best to minimise risk and influence the odds ( where I can) in my favour. A friend, Mark Hughes, had been using Biestmilch, and had suggested I give it a go. From that point onwards it became part of my daily routine... I've not been sick since!!

What is Biestmilch?

Biestmilch is not an invention. It is the name for the colostrum or the foremilk, this quintessentially natural substance, which is produced by the breasts of all female mammals for their offspring after the birth. Our Biestmilch originates from cows.
Biestmilch is a food product. Those who have personally experienced its almost magical effects will be tempted to call it a natural remedy.

Biestmilch is a life principle. The offspring of many animals is highly endangered without Biestmilch. Some animals die, others remain sickly. Every animal needs at least one hearty mouthful for a healthy start in life. Our Biestmilch is only harvested after the little calf has had its share .The difference in species hardly matters where the consumption of Biestmilch is concerned. If e.g. a mare does not produce any Biestmilch, a mother cow can help out without any problems.

The term Biestmilch derives from Old High German. In Indo-Germanic the origin of this term appears for the first time. The Indo-German »buskhos« is the root of words like Busen (bosom) and Bauch (belly) as well as Biestmilch or »der« Biest respectively. In Alemanic German North German, Dutch as well as in Switzerland »Biestmilch«, »der Biast« or »Beest« has remained a part of everyday language. The corresponding English word is until today beestings.

In technical literature Biestmilch from the cow is also called bovine Colostrum.
Cows observe us, we observe cows

nowadays experiences very extreme forms of reception. Some people demonise it others praise it. Biestmilch is considered as a life principle on the one hand and as a tabu on the other. For our ancestors Biestmilch was already both lucky stuff or devilish. Today we mainly have little relation to Biestmilch or lost it completely. Many of us have a rather sceptical approach to it.

But in short in worked for me, and alongside Macca, Terrenzo, Ronnie, Yvonne, Nicole to name but a few I feel in a very exclusive club of Athletes

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