Monday, 29 June 2009

Building the right training group....

Triathlon isn't just a sport its a community of athletes. We train within the BTA club structure, but we all have different goals. Each athlete is training to peak for individual races and their training is tailored to suit these goals. I've chosen to specialise in Ironman or Long distance racing, whilst some of my peers and contemporaries at Ful-on Tri or Tri- Living race the faster short distance, Olympic races. This means that as much as like spending time with them on rides and runs or in pool, it unlikely that their sessions will fit in with my training program.
Over the last 9 months or so, we have formed an adhoc training group which includes Tim Bishop from Optima racing - 2 xHawaii Ironman finisher, Declan Doyle from Optima a 2 x Ironman Hawaii finisher, Dion Harrison from Thames Turbo ( 1 xHawaii Finisher) who has Just turned Pro and moved out to Boulder -Colorado and me, also a 2 times Hawaii finisher.
Now although we all may be training to peak at different times, we each have an understanding of the level we need to train at to achieve faster results in Kona in the future. Despite the camaraderie and the banter there is a respect of each others talent and for the duration of the session, ego's are parked. With the odd exception where Dec gets too excited and rides off the front 'Jens Voigt 'style, but that's just Dec!!

I love training with these guys, its not just a training group, but a support network and when your sessions are hard, having friends to bounce your ideas off and keep you in check is priceless..... regardless of which club they are members of!!

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