Monday, 29 June 2009

What makes Kona Coffee so special??

A coffee is just a coffee..... right? well actually no!!

What is it about Kona coffee that makes it so special... is it just the reward of all the hours of training you've put in to arrive on the island, or is it... that it really is better than all the rest

Kona is the very special coffee grown on the dark volcanic lava rock slopes of Kona, with enviable consistent quality. Kona coffee is a deliciously rich, medium-bodied and slightly acidic coffee with a heady aroma and complex, winey, spicy taste.
Kona, on the west coast of Hawaii island has produced coffee continuously since the early 1800's. The Kona name only applies to beans grown in North and South Kona, and coffee that is grown elsewhere in Hawaii cannot be called Kona coffee.The Perfect Climate for
Coffee requires a very specific combination of sun, soil, and water. It is successfully grown in only a limited number of locations round the world. The magical diurnal cycle of bright sunny mornings, humid rainy afternoons, and mild nights create perfect growing conditions for exotic plants to flourish. The trees thrive on the volcanic rocky land, and mild frost-free temperatures.

This combination produces a smooth tasting blend without that bitter aftertaste. It really is the difference in taste between a Chateaux Margaux and Jacobs Creek!!

Last year in Kona, our training group which consisted of Tim Bishop, Declan Doyle, Dion Harrison and I and I took real pleasure in swimming out to the 'Coffee's of Hawaii' catamaran' which was moored about 1Km offshore. Dec and Dion who would normally pass on a coffee, even joined in... ( the sign above is on the Ocean floor directing Athletes out to their free coffee) Dec admitted to me yesterday he's now a bit of a fan.

My personal Favourite is the Peabody blend - The rarest of the rare, only 3-5% of the entire Kona coffee crop are Peaberry beans. Concentrated and more intense Kona taste. This really is the best. You can pick this up at Ferrari coffee who are a long established Coffee producing family

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