Saturday, 7 November 2009

Aqua Sphere AlfaFins - Say goodbye to cramps...

For years I've struggled with cramp whilst using fins... normally within 200 meters into the set I would start to feel the uncomfortable pains of cramp in the arches of my feet.

So much so that every time I had a set that involved the use of fins I anticipated cramps and felt dejected at the prospect. I tried all number of different fins, Speedo, Zoggs and Aqua Sphere, but each time I suffered the same result.

It was only recently whilst attending a Swim For Tri course that I noticed Dan Bullock, their head coach and founder of Swim For Tri, using these crazy looking blue fins which resembled the flippers of a Seal. Despite looking quite funny, they are 70% lighter than normal fins. The EVA foam design not only maximizes comfort but also makes the fins float - no more diving down to retrieve lost fins! The dedicated right and left fins have full arch support which I think is why I've been able to complete long sets cramp free

This has really changed my enjoyment of swimming with fins as I used to loath it!!
Hooray for Aqua Sphere AlfaFins!!!

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