Friday, 4 December 2009

Punctures....and cheap gas!!!

With the onset of the Winter, comes the inevitable.....

Wet roads increase the likelihood of picking up punctures as grit and road debris sticks to the tyre and slowly cuts into the tyre each rotation. Especially if you're still running those lightweight summer tyres. Ideally these should be replaced with a tyre with some level of puncture protection. I use folding Continental Gatorskins and use a slightly wider 25mm to give me more stability in the wet when conrnering. If I was racing I'd be using Michelin Pro Race 3 Grip, 23mm These a are super sticky and allow me a greater level of confidence when cornering hard.

In any case my main discovery this week was that so many people didn't know about Tyre Inflators These guys are simply fantastic and allow clyclists to use Co2 gas canisters much more liberally beacuse they sell them so cheap. At around 50p a cartridge you may never need to use your pump again. It also means that you can be on the road again in mins....

Keep trucking!!

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